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NYC Creatives, Here’s How To Get Your Work In MoMA

....Well, the store at least. We know for a fact that a lot of you Refinery29 readers are either professional or aspiring designers and creators of jewelry, housewares, and other products, and, as we're always looking to make your lives a lil' bit better, we thought you should know about this fresh-to-death opportunity. This year, the Museum of Modern Art Design Store is sending out an open call to NYC creatives, asking them to submit their best work for a new collection available through their catalog in 2013. Hitting the racks at this shop — as well curated as it is respected — would be a major step forward for any striving product designer (and something you could tell your parents about). So be you a textile designer in Bushwick, a gadget maker in Manhattan, or paper crafter in Queen, click over to their Facebook page, read the directions, and get your portfolio together because windows like this don't open very often.

Photo: via Facebook.