Molly Ringwald Is On Twitter Now — Here’s Why You Should Care

We kinda thought the days of getting excited over a new celeb on Twitter were behind us. At this point, the ones who care to share are already on there, no? It seems we were wrong. Last night, America’s fave ‘80s powerhouse, Molly Ringwald, joined up, and already, we're pretty stoked.
The Pretty In Pink star is offering up her musings (e.g. the feta spinach wrap is best thing on the menu at Starbucks), and sharing them with her dedicated stream of followers (she's already at a cool 7,960), and obviously, we're loving every second of it. Being the die-hard vintage flick fans we are, we're so thrilled to have a shot at swapping clever quips with the iconic redhead (she'll totally RT us one day soon, we can feel it...).
So, now that the ‘80s sweetheart's a full-fledged tweetheart, we've culled the top four things we dig about Molly’s page. After all, it's only fair that you know understand the source of our obsession.
1. She writes back to fans — Sure, we’re not sure how many pressing inquiries she’s getting, but we do think it’s sweet she finds the time to write insightful quips back. Major aww factor.
2. Her wallpaper — We love her book backdrop, which boasts her own tome Getting The Pretty Back (discreet plug!).
3. Her tagline — She’s your self-proclaimed “former teenage crush.” Modesty, FTW.
4. Her mild musings — “Husbands: On a scale of 1 to 10, how much does it bother you when your wife steals your razor?” Fair question. And we can't say we're not curious.
But seriously, anyone who happens to have read Ringwald's New York Times op-ed in memory of the late John Hughes, knows that the star has some serious emotional depth as well as poignant and interesting insights to offer. And we're ready.

Photo: Via Twitter/Molly Ringwald