Models Invade The East Village, Traffic Signs Tell Us We Look Fab, And Central Park Has No More Easter Bunnies

Over 25 models have invaded East Village supermarket Key Food for a massive photo shoot. Residents have spotted the girls holding in the fruit. (EV Grieve)
One anonymous street artist is taking on corporate America through traffic signs, and we really don't mind.(this is fyf)
It's Jauretsi Saizarbitoria's last post ever for the starworks blog. We're so bummed: Who else is going to tell us how fabulous all those parties were that we missed? (starworks)
Wild rabbits have disappeared from Central Park. We're not sure what to tell kids come Sunday. (Animal New York)
This is going to be what happens to Anna Wintour if she ever gets fired. (NY Observer)
We're thinking that The Selby (and pretty much every other dude in America) wishes he got this spread—Daria Werbowy naked in her NYC apartment. (The Huffington Post)
Here's where you NEVER want to live in New York. Don't say we didn't warn you! (Village Voice)