Rad Or Bad: Mismatched Eyeliner

rad-or-bad-embedPhoto: Via Instagram.
So, in case you haven't heard, eyelid art is shaping up to be the new nail art (thanks in part to our lady Tal Peleg, who makes her eyelids into masterpieces on the regular). No, it's not a makeup look for the faint of heart. But, hey, we might have said the same thing about half-moon manis a couple of years ago, and now that's considered almost demure for our digits.
The biggest difference between eyelid art and nail art, of course, is that one is smack dab in the middle of your face, making it a bigger beauty risk than multicolored talons. However, the right bold eye makeup, in our opinions, can be totally cool and flattering. If it pleases the court, we would like to present exhibit A: this mismatched, bold-hued liner look.
On one hand, we love how this is both graphic and yet minimalistic at the same time. The green and blue shades are in the same color family, so it's not as stark as, say, blue and orange might be. On the other hand, this is definitely a look — one that's great on Instagram, but maybe not so much on the morning commuter train.
So, readers, tell us: Can you dig this two-for-one eyeliner look, and, more importantly, would you wear it?

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