It’s Official: Mischa Barton Is Back & Looking As Glam As Ever!

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: We’ve been team Mischa from day one (she’ll always be season-one Marissa Cooper in our eyes). We called it a few months back when we caught a glimpse of her looking lovely in Miami, rocking a glowing pout and some signs of muscle definition. And then, when Mischa launched her handbag line — we liked what we saw there, too.
But this confirms our suspicions that Miss Mischa is totally back in the game. Well, at least she’s headed in the right direction, and is cleaning up super-well these days. Case in point: This photo of the actress sporting a white cutout frock (flaunting those rad abs again) at the Women For Women International Gala in London. We’re jazzed Mischa is almost back to looking like her fly 2004 self again, and think it's only a matter of time before she's totally in the swing of things. Lookin' good, Mischa! (Celebuzz)

Photo: Via Celebuzz