Pretty Painful: Snow White’s Costumes Are No Fairy Tale

Any little girl who grew up glued to the tube, feeding her imagination with pretty Disney damsels, would consider it a dream come true to play Snow White — especially with a big ol' budget to do that "fairest of them all" regalia right. But then, the cold, hard reality of costuming sets in: Corsets were mandatory underpinnings in that vague "once upon a time" period, and these bad boys can inflict some serious pain.
Mirror Mirror star Lily Collins sucked it up (and in) for her role as the raven-haired bird charmer, and it gave her a whole new perspective on pain: "After four months of wearing corsets and ball gowns, sword-fighting in these crazy forests, I promised myself I’d never complain about wearing high heels again." We really do have it pretty easy, don't we?
Based on the stunning film stills, the phrase "beauty is pain" was clearly hard at work here, and we can't wait to see Lily's (and Julia Roberts') looks in full cinematic glory this Friday!

Photo: Via Mirror Mirror official site

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