The Anti-Teenage Approach To Wearing Miniskirts

There was a time in your life that the "fingertips or below" rule felt like the most oppressive rule that had ever existed. A skirt that was in line with the dress code was definitely out of line with your personal style code. Today, you might look at those minis of yore and wonder about the physics of it all. Belt or skirt, you've wondered looking at an old favorite. Belt or skirt?
Your days chasing daredevil hemlines are over, but you still appreciate the allure of a mini. (Though, you finally get the appeal of a fingertip-length hem.) Instead of the ringer tees and peasant blouses you used to wear miniskirts with, you're likely looking to pair your new ones with button-down shirts, sophisticated blouses, and — okay, fine — peasant blouses, too. (The '70s are back, haven't you heard?) Going for a mini as an adult requires a more subtle approach. Here's how to do it without getting written up.

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