10 Habits Of Self-Made Female Millionaires

When you hear of someone’s “Cinderella” career story, it’s tempting to think that success can happen overnight. That's rarely ever the case, says Elle Kaplan, 35, founder of LexION Capital. Most success stories are many years in the making.
LexION is the only 100% woman-owned wealth management firm in the U.S., and it specializes in helping other women manage and invest their money. Kaplan became a self-made millionaire by the age of 30, thanks in part to her own strategic investing. But that’s not to say she didn’t have her share of challenges and setbacks. She only had $200 in her bank account when she moved to New York, and she’d witnessed her mother’s own financial hardships that came as the result of her father suffering from a serious illness. Kaplan knows a thing or two about what it takes to “make it,” especially for someone starting with next to nothing. She took a job as a temp, vowed to herself that she would succeed on Wall Street, and slowly started her ascent.
Like Kaplan, other self-made female millionaires we spoke to shared common experiences and similar mindsets. Though they may say that gaining millionaire-status wasn’t necessarily their end goal, the aim to become successful and self-sufficient proves to be an overarching theme. Here, they share what they’ve learned throughout their careers and the habits that have helped them flourish. Even if becoming a millionaire isn’t necessarily your life’s ambition, following these tips certainly won't hurt whatever your goals may be — whether it’s starting your own business, summiting the corporate ladder, or ensuring a secure financial future.

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