Best In Show: Michelle Williams Wows Us In Kenzo

We won’t even try to sugarcoat it: We are full-fledged Michelle Williams devotees 'round here. Sure, she may have the occasional misstep (usually few and far between), but we're in constant awe of the coy attire this pixie-perfect starlet hits us with. And this black and white, wavy striped Kenzo frock left our mouths totally agape. Trés chic!
The My Week With Marilyn maven hit up the 2012 Berlin Film Fest sporting the mod number looking like a spitting image of Jean Seberg in Breathless, where the Oscar-nominated actress expertly worked the room the way she does best — in sweet, girly garb. We're waiting on tenterhooks to see what she sports this Sunday!
Photo: Courtesy of Frame Noir

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