How To Avoid Rats While Biking And Other Useful Cycling Tips

We clearly obsess over bicycles. These two-wheeled vehicle alternatives hold such a tender spot in our hearts. Not only are they a good way to get around, they make for swe-et man-candy spying (just sit outside of Brown in the LES, we dare you), and an abundance of pretty shots that make for street style crack. And, we think that nothing beats the thrill of riding down a tree-lined block with the wind in your hair. But, secret time: We're kinda scared of riding in the city...sometimes it seems like cars have it out for us. Luckily, perennial cab hater Michael Musto has some safety tips that will keep you lookin' cool and composed while cruising. If there is one thing that's not cute it's taking a tumble on your two-wheeler because a rat decided to jump out in front of you. Sick! (Village Voice)

Below: Photo by Mr. Newton