Michael Jackson’s Death Bed For Sale, Thanks But No Thanks

It doesn't really surprise us that the contents of the late Michael Jackson's house went up for auction, but there was one item that really threw us for a loop. The bed that MJ passed away in will soon be put up for bids and has already amassed a hefty price tag. The auction starts at around $3,000, with the option to go way up from there. Don't get us wrong: We would all love to get our hands on an item from the King of Pop's house, but we were thinking more like a studded glove than a dead man's bed. (Haunted much?)
Along with the bed, an antique headboard and pricey paintings are expected to gain a lot of attention, as well as some even more personal items including a chalkboard with "I (heart) Daddy. SMILE, it's for free" written on it, and an antique armoire mirror where Jackson posted a message to himself regarding this unfinished final tour. Auctioning off the contents of his house is definitely a great way to spread MJ's music legacy to his fans (and, given the Jackson's propensity for cash, unsurprising), but we'd rather spend our money on something maybe a little less morbid than a death bed. (E)

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Photo: Via E