Important Quandary: Would You Buy Undies Out Of A Vending Machine?

Looks like stale Cheetos and Snickers aren't the only things popping out of vending machines these days! Testing out their cheeky (no pun intended) new concept at our fave innovation station, Confederacy, MeUndies now delivers skivvies straight out of a cafeteria-style container. No, really.
Whether you're a boxers, briefs, granny panty, or G-string peep, with just a few touches of a button, you can now pick up the unmentionables of your choosing, and in sleekly wrapped packaging to boot. Seriously, there will be no more excuses for dirty underpants, from here on out — not that there ever were, really — since these intimates-peddling contraptions will be exploding at gyms, hotels, and airports all over the place!
But let's discuss. Is this weird, or totally useful? Or both? We're kinda sitting on the fence, here...

Photo: Courtesy of Moxie Communications