Mesh Clothing, Demystified: 3 Ways To Wear It

Just because a piece is mesh doesn't mean you get 50% off for saving fabric. In fact, it can sometimes feel like all you get is 50% less to wear. But, that's only if you're still unsure of how to incorporate this potentially tricky item into your everyday wardrobe. And, we don't blame you! Figuring out practical ways to don this Swiss-cheese textile without looking like a '90s club kid can be tough. So, we did a little experiment of our own by pairing a hole-y sweater with a cocktail dress, a formal outfit, and a look for the beach (oh, and these little hatching sea turtle earrings). Turns out there are more ways to wear it than you'd think. And, hey, if you can find it for 50% off, all the more reason to give it a go. Watch the video and sound off with your favorite look in the comments below.