The 4 Best Men's Fashion Blogs That The Girls Will Love, Too!

Right now in Milan, droves of dapper dudes are traipsing all over town for men's Fashion Week, and we are more than a bit mesmerized. While we've given praise to our favorite lady bloggers before, we can't forget their stylish male counterparts who continuously find new ways of adding pizazz to menswear basics. To show our appreciation for their sartorial splendor, we present you with four boy bloggers who inspire us daily with their men's fashion blogs.
The Swiss just seem to get it right when it comes to style, and Pascal Grob of Fashion Bits and Bobs is no exception. The full-time student and part-time photographer's blog has the best of both worlds for the style-obsessed. He showcases his own pared-down ensembles, and he also roves the streets of Zurich for street-style subjects and inspiring photos. No doubt, he's a real Facehunter in the making.
Pelayo Diaz is no stranger to Refinery29. We've been digging him and his bestie Gala Gonzalez's style for a while now. This Central Saint Martins student shows everyone the London party scene and that menswear has no boundaries. Whether he is donning a kilt, Mickey Mouse ears, or a green tweed Chanel bag, Diaz makes it all work in an amazing way.
We love a good DIY project, and Izzy Tuason, a Filipino native studying at Boston University, makes any designer item seem attainable with an idea, art supplies, or a good tailor. This modern-day dandy with an affinity for Thom Browne proportions adds new life to old classic items, and designs his own pieces to be tailor-made. Tired of your oxfords? Adorn them with glitter. Can't afford a paint-covered Alexander McQueen shirt? Make a trip to Ace. On Tauson's blog, the possibilities are endless.
Not all of us are privileged enough to look at beautiful boys all day long, but Kwannam Chu is nice enough to document them on his blog We Could Grow Up Together. The globe-trotting fashion photographer with a preppy style to boot gives us a behind-the -scenes glimpse into the world of men's fashion editorials that are published all over the world. He also shows us what he is eating, which looks as scrumptious as the male models!

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