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Memorial Day Itinerary: Four Fun Weekend Plans

It's the Thursday before Memorial Day and you've already fielded the following question a bajiliion times: "So, what are you doing for the long weekend?" If you still don't have a plan (we're with you!), don't fret, because we've got a few tricks up our Memorial Day sleeve to keep you from thinking you need to schlep all the way out to Malibu. There's always a handful of super cool activities to check out, and this weekend is no exception. And if you aren't so down with the sure-to-be-crazy beach scene (hello parking lot on PCH!), then we'll give you four rad reasons to stay inland!

Eat: Trails Cafe in Griffith Park
We're all about the great outdoors, but if you're not in the mood to have sand in your shoes all weekend, make sure you get yourself to Griffith Park. If you're going for a hike, don't forget to hit up Trails Cafe in the park for a tasty avocado sandwich to fuel your work-weary bod. Or, if you want something a little more lax, throw on your favorite gingham dress and pack a picnic basket, a book, and a bottle of wine. Date optional.
Trails Cafe, 2333 Fern Dell Drive (at Red Oak Drive); 323-871-2102

Drink: Tequila Lounge at Red O
Famed Chi-town chef Richard Bayless has planted roots on Melrose and we couldn't be more thrilled to check out the new Red O. Bayless' innovative Mexican menu is inciting to be sure, but we're really pumped for the tequila room for a little Memorial Day fiesta.
Red O, 8155 Melrose Avenue (at La Jolla Avenue); 323-655-5009

See: John Baldessari at Margo Leavin Gallery
Dip your toes into the local art scene by visiting the spectacular new John Baldessari show at the Margo Leavin Gallery. This local legend's latest exhibition features gorgeous black, white, and gray paintings with a mix of images and text that definitely should not be missed. His next exhibition will be a retrospective at LACMA this fall, so make sure you check out his pieces in a more intimate setting while you still can.
Margo Leavin Gallery, 812 North Robertson Boulevard (at San Vincente Boulevard); 310-273-0603

Shop: Freeway Eyewear at Maxfield
If you insist on giving your CC a workout this weekend, then may we suggest hiting up the still-classic Maxfield's on Melrose. The store is remains as beautiful and well-edited as ever, but what will really get your motor runnin' are the shades from Freeway Eyewear. These super-cool sunnies, designed by L.A. artist Alex Israel, are now exclusively available at the West Hollywood shop, and at $100 a pair, it's the best deal of the weekend.
Maxfield, 8825 Melrose Avenue (at Almont Drive); 310-274-8800