Melissa McCarthy Used To Wear Turtlenecks As Pants. Wait, What?

Few people make us actually laugh out loud (we're not talking giggles here, people) like Melissa McCarthy. The actress/comedian recently went on Anderson Cooper’s show, Anderson, and shared some of her wardrobe choices and styling tips from her Catholic high school days. The highlights? McCarthy confessed to wearing turtlenecks as pants. Uhh, how is that even possible? We've all made some questionable fashion choices in the past, but we’re very curious and kind of scared about this one. "If you had a really big turtleneck, I’d put my legs through the sleeves.” Ack!
We love how Cooper then interjected by asking, “Where would the neck go?” We had the same question, Coop. She’d safety pin the rest "to fashion it into a waistband" and then let it hang. Confused? So are we. We’re trying to work it out in our head and just envisioning very tight pants with misplaced (and awkward!) openings. We're definitely going to pass on this styling tidbit, but have to ask: has anyone else ever done this before or at least attempted it? And more importantly, what are your weirdest wardrobe choices from back in the day? (The Hairpin)

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