The Natural Deodorant With The 13,000-Person Waitlist Is Finally Back

Update: Good news for the 13,000+ people who've been waiting for the triumphant return of Rosy Pits: As of noon EST today, she's back... and she's selling out fast, so get your hands (and pits) on a stick while you still can.
This story was originally published on July 24, 2018.
Many of us reach for deodorant or antiperspirant on the daily, so it's no wonder we're becoming increasingly aware of the rumored implications of well-known ingredients such as aluminum chloride — a popular sweat-blocker found in many products — for our bodies.
But it's a well-known, if unfortunate, fact that natural deodorants and antiperspirants can be hit and miss. Many work well to neutralize odor but are ineffective on sweat; some require a little too much effort by applying with your fingers; others are packed with so many essential oils they can sometimes be too harsh on sensitive skin. Of course, there are many effective natural deodorants out there, but one in particular is getting a ton of attention right now. Enter: Megababe's Rosy Pits.

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You might already be familiar with the brand's Thigh Rescue Anti-Chafe Stick, which took social media by storm last year for a) looking super cute and b) actually working a charm to stop the dreaded summer thigh chafe. But it's their Rosy Pits deodorant which is making waves this time around — and 5,000 people and counting have joined a waiting list for it to come back in stock.
So what's so special about it? Well, aside from the millennial-friendly packaging, the $18 stick deodorant ditches aluminum, alcohol, and baking soda — which can sometimes irritate sensitive skin — for a more pit-friendly combination of coconut, green tea, and vitamin E, as well as sage, sandalwood, and horsetail plant, which have antibacterial properties and the power to stop odor in its tracks. The product doesn't claim to be an antiperspirant as such, but the formula contains corn starch to help absorb moisture. (That said, Megababe mentions that, as with all aluminum-free deodorants, some wetness is normal.)
According to Megababe's website, the product has a five-star rating, with comments ranging from, "It just works," to "Rosy Pits is a life changer." One customer wrote, "I love this deodorant. The smell is great but not too strong (I’m fairly sensitive to smells) and it actually works," while another said, "I haven’t smelled a day since using it for 2 months now in all conditions — nervous sweats, workout sweats, humidity sweats, it cures all! I tell anyone and everyone about it, let’s just get it back in stock."
The brand is working on it as we speak — in fact, a limited restock of Rosy Pits will be released today on the Megababe website. You'll be able to pick it up at J. Crew again too in the very near future; after its online and in-store launch earlier this month, it sold out in eight minutes. Who knew a natural deodorant could ever generate this much buzz?

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