The 25 Most Viral Stories Of 1382 (Besides The Plague)

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Greetings, fair lords and ladies of the Internet. We're glad you could take time out of your busy pilgrimage schedule to find out the hottest gossip around the kirkyard this year. Now, before you inquire as to what we're drinking, please know that we realize we're not actually in the throes of medieval times. Still, it sure was fun to reimagine the stories that made illuminated manuscripts in the Middle Ages as modern-day Internet clickbait. Read on, courtly loves, for the Magna Carta holy grail of 1382's hottest headlines.
50 Times Commoners Tried To Be Cool In Court And The Queen Was Like No
Everyone loves a mean girl shutting down a commoner.

It Happened To Me: Anne Boleyn Rolled Up On My Dude And I (Literally) Lost My Head

Bae watch.

The 60 Best Flax GIFs You've Never Seen

Tenant farmers went crazy for this one.

Why This Hilarious Jester's Triptych-Bomb Of A Man Asking For Alms Is Problematic

Have some respect.

What His Illuminated Manuscript Marginalia Really Means

Will he send a courtier the next day?

What Your Man Really Means When He Says "Off With Her Head" (NSFW)

He's just not that into her. Or her head.

It Happened To Me: I'm Depicted Nude In A Triptych...But I Didn't Sit For Hieronymus

Her Garden of Earthly Delights was hacked.

Photo by Gary Hawkins/Rex.
It Happened To Me: I Found Love In A Hopeless Place (Quarantine For The Black Death)
A short-lived but intense romance.
More Stories From Fresco Models: Giotto is All Hands
Posing is not permission.
Check Out This Etching Of A Five-Year-Old Covering the Song of Roland
Could he be the new court jester?
You'll Never Believe This Simple Scurvy Cure
Orange you glad?
Could Scurvy Be The Best Way To A Flat Tummy?
Celebrity secret!
Don't Let Rival Popes Ruin Your Love Life
The Great Schism doesn't have to make you schizophrenic.
Is Your Nosegay So Last Plague Season?
Everyone else who carried one is dead.
It Happened To Me: I Was Fat Shamed For Having a Big Bustle
Are you smuggling scrolls in there?
The Codpiece Trend Pope Pius III Swears By
Leave it out for your man to read.
Serf's Up: Slay Your Bloody Flux With These Fashionable New Rags
It's all about layering.
Is It Real Love Or Is It Just Leprosy?
Things could start strong and then fall off.
Photo by Gary Hawkins/Rex. n
17 Griffins That Can Totally Get It
Fanfic favorites.
26 Kirkyards For Introverts To Visit On Your Next Crusade
A loner's paradise.
"GAWARTHUR IS REAL," Gawain/Arthur Shippers Insist
Where are they putting their lances?
What Do Plague Preppers Know That You Don't?
Don't drink the water.
5 Codexes For Small Spaces
There's one for your hovel.
34 Times The Thirst Was Real (Because The Fiefdom Ran Out Of Rat-Feces-Free Water)
Culled from r/fieferfever.
The 9 Things Successful Feudal Lords Do To Their Serfs Every Day
Food is a great motivator, but don't leave your moat undefended.
Top 13 Signs Your Wimple Is Wack
Ladies-in-waiting's biggest fashion fails.
37 Codpieces That Prove Charlemagne Wasn't Really That Great
All tapestry, no talent.

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