Meadham Kirchhoff Does A Gothic Lolita Collection For Topshop

Debuting on May 20 online as well as in the NY store, Meadham Kirchhoff has designed a collection of gothic but girly dresses, shirts, and skirts for Topshop . With tissue-thin layers of overlapping gauze, jersey, sequins, and lace, the pieces have enough tiers to rival a filo dough pastry, and are just as light and airy-looking. We're all about the pieced-together motorcycle jacket that's in a classic Meadham Kirchhoff cut, as well as the skirts. The grid-like polka dots and scaly sequin-encrusted dresses feel a bit much to us—we'll leave those for the girls who are more gung-ho about the Gothic Lolita look. Click through for product shots from the line as well as the rest of the Meadham Kirchhoff for Topshop lookbook.
Topshop, 478 Broadway (at Broome Street); 212-966-9555‎.

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