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Connie Cam: Can This Machine Really Find The Perfect Pair Of Jeans?

Jean shopping. We can hear you ugh-ing at the thought. Running from store to store, dressing and undressing, and still not being able to find the right pair...it's exhausting. Which is why when we first heard about Me-Ality, it sounded too good to be true.
Now in 30 malls around the United States, Me-Ality is a digital size-matching station designed to gather data from (free!) 10-second body scans and produce customized fit information specific to each individual. Though it may look intimidating at first, the scanner actually isn't scary. It takes information from the moisture on the surface of your skin — a.k.a no radiation involved — and the waves are comparable to those emitted by your cell phone. And, once the process is complete, a personalized shopping guide is produced, listing specific brands, item names, and sizes for various clothing styles across brands. Ta da!
Hard to believe, right? Follow our own Connie as she gives the Me-Ality machine, and its denim suggestions, a go.
Produced by Katie Lincoln; Shot by Jack Pearce and Nora De Broder; Edited by Christopher Michael Beer