Miami-Made Maya Has Your Next Favorite Bikini (& It’s Wild!)

While the rest of the country is already rocking scarves, fur, and knee-high boots, us Miamians are, as usual, a bit late to the party. The thermometers here won't dip to 60 (¡qué frio!) until late December and early January, so it's safe to say it's bikini season year-round. Yes, we have the luxury of sporting cutoff denim through September and tanning at a rooftop pool into October. So, while the Swim Week tents at the Raleigh came down way back in July, we're always dreaming of our number one wardrobe choice: swimwear.
Naturally, we're in love with Maya Swimwear's 2013 collection. The Miami-based line, which thanks to designer Carolina Dinardi, has plenty of Argentinean glow and includes a safari-inspired collection straight out of your boyfriend's secret sultry fantasy. Each two-piece option comes adorned with a heavy dose of floral (and tropical) patterns and bold, neon hues (think magenta, aqua, yellow, and tangerine). Of course, a safari collection wouldn't be complete without animal print — mammals and reptiles included — and Maya delivered just that, too. We're channeling our inner cat/cheetah/lioness and hitting the beach to mimic what this girl's doing below. Or, well, we'll try...

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