An Easy Guide To Finding Your Perfect Mascara Brush

We hate to break it to you, but few things in beauty are one-size-fits-all. Sure, your mother may claim that pricey serum erased her lines, and your best friend swears by that frizzy-hair treatment in the summer, but that doesn't mean either of those will work for you. After all, we're all special little snowflakes with unique beauty needs.

One category about which people are particularly, well, particular? Mascara. And according to many experts, it's all about the wand. "Mascaras are actually incredibly complex," says Victoria Fraser, PhD, CoverGirl's principal scientist for Global Scientific Communications. "Just changing the bristle pattern determines how the lashes pass through...and can translate to different end looks." That's why we decided to get the inside scoop on just about every type of mascara wand on the market from Dr. Fraser and professional makeup artist Elisa Flowers.

Ahead, check out the definitive guide to finding your personal wonder-wand.

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