Remember When The Olsen Twins Had A Fashion Magazine?

Scanned by Erica Witte.
Depending on how you discovered them, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen can be referred to in two ways: either as "the Olsen Twins" or "the designers of luxury label The Row." And which qualifier you choose is a good hint as to how old you are (er, were). But honestly, none of that matters right now, because we re-discovered the premiere issue of their first magazine — yes, Mary-Kate and Ashley magazine — and, to no one’s surprise, their foresight was remarkable. It holds within it fashion (and life) lessons that are as applicable today as they might've been if we were hypothetically pre-teens when it came out.
Why’d they start a magazine in the first place? Well, they actually let you know in 10 reasons on the first page, which range from, “because we want real talk for real girls,” to “because we’re tired of being talked down to, talked around, or not talked to at all,” to “because we can,” and back. And if that sounds ultra-woke to you, that’s because it is. The language and content was both elevated and essential to young readers, and in some cases it may have flown above the average tween's head. So hey, what better time than, oh, this election cycle, to go through it once more?
In the slideshow ahead, you’ll find everything you need to satisfy your inner tween. Lest we forget it was the Olsen Twins who taught us how to love and accept our bodies, how to talk to boys (they could've been less heteronormative, but okay), and most importantly — how to dress. Reunite with your favorite trends that none other than Mary-Kate and Ashley let you in on, and see which ones are making a comeback today. This may be a long one, but as they assured you in the '90s, any crime can be solved by dinner time.

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