The Most Annoying Facebook Ad We've Seen In A While

We usually ignore those annoying ads that appear on the right-hand side of our Facebook page, but this little promotion gets our goat every time. We're not sure if it's targeting us because one of our editors happens to be an Ivy Leaguer, or if it's popping up for all NYC users, but regardless, the copy is beyond lame—"Ivy Leaguer? Manhattan's Marquis Dental Spa is giving ivy leaguers w/dental insurance a $1,000 Laser Teeth Whitening, Cleaning, and Exam for only $1." When you click through, there's a cheesy video with Dr. Sheth (who's also been in a commercial for a hair shampoo), and a kicker question:"Is Marquis Dental Spa a dental office or a spa?" Disturbingly, they don't really answer, just deliver some spin that has got us really grinding our teeth.

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