Sleepovers With Celebrities: It's Easier Than You Think!

In this bizarre tale of low budget-brilliance, comedian Mark Malkoff contacted celebrities via Facebook, email, and snail mail, requesting to stay with them for the night while on vacation in L.A. If you think Hollywood's bests are all locked in their mega-mansions, think again—Malkoff actually gets 13 stars (okay, they are all B-list or lower) to let him spend the night. And, the funny-man is not just catching up on his beauty sleep! Malkoff ends up playing Hungry Hungry Hippos with Martin Kove, reading about compost with Ed Begley Junior, and wearing matching pajamas with Dave Coulier. Could a guy ask for anything more? How about having Mary Lynn Rajskub wait by your bedside until you fall asleep? Talk about lifetime achievement. Check out the video below to see how his little experiment went, and, if you feel so inclined, maybe it's time to send a little FB message to Michael Fassbender. Hey, you never know. (Jezebel)
Photo: Via Youtube

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