Marie Claire’s Backstage Beauty App Is Our New Fave Way To Waste Time

You might still be hung up on Words with Friends or Angry Birds, but we've moved on (to something bigger and much prettier, we must say). These days, we're obsessing over Marie Claire’s new iPad app, Backstage Beauty Trends. We know what you’re thinking – you’ve been burned before. You used one of those cheesy makeup artist apps that miscalculated the location of your facial features, only to have you end up looking like a glamorous hammerhead shark. But would an app that’s partnering with Chanel steer you wrong? Exactly.
Besides, you don’t have to worry about getting ready for your closeup: You’re testing out the latest beauty trends on the faces of those genetically-blessed models of the runway. There are some really gorgeous looks from the spring shows that you can try, and Maire Claire will be providing free updates throughout Fashion Week, so those looks will always be cutting edge. To apply the makeup, you use your finger to draw it on the face (applying the mascara is surprisingly gratifying when you swoop it on the lashes) and the app provides a few tips and tricks for you along the way as you play with the makeup.
Can’t bear to part with the look you’ve created? You can buy the products you’ve been using on your model directly through the app and try the trend out on your own face at home. The app is $.99, but that propensity to make us procrastinate for hours on end? Priceless.

Photo: Courtesy of Marie Claire

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