1 Girl, 4 Looks: A Star Stylist Shows Off Her Fearlessly Fab Wardrobe

Decked out in her signature bold prints, fluoro lipstick, headwear, and, yes, a shot of electro pink, Marian Kihogo, the awe-inspiring fashion star, turned countless heads as she modeled four looks in the gritty streets in and around Brick Lane. "I have to wear what I'm feeling," she says, explaining that her emotions dictate her dress, even if that means changing outfits three times in a day (don't get her started on packing for a trip or planning her Fashion Week wardrobe). These days, the celebrity stylist and creative consultant is going through a "pink phase" that she can't quite explain — not that anyone's complaining.
Thanks to her killer bone structure and tall, statuesque frame, Kihogo calls to mind Grace Jones, though her fearless style is all her own. Throw in the fact that she's one of the kindest, most gracious people we've ever encountered, and it's safe to say that we left with quite the style crush.
Ready to be smitten? Click through to see Kihogo's electrifying style for yourself and delve into her encyclopaedic insight into the fashion industry.
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