March of the Penguins: CRICAaccessories’ Antarctic Necklaces

When we first spied these necklaces by CRICAaccessories designer Chrintina Hora, we were impressed by the cut and etched acrylic, the colors, and the unique shapes. Then we looked closer at the pattern of her large, lace-like pieces. Omigod—Penguins! Instant love.
This first collection by Ms. Hora of Mexico City displays the same sort of facility with acrylic and whimsy as the Brit queens of bubbly anarchic accessories, Tatty Devine. Yet, CRICAaccessories delves far more into pattern than it's English counterpart, appears reminiscent of 18th-Century chokers, and certainly displays more penguin obsession. Granted, she also crafts pendents and earrings that pay tribute to squirrels and other creatures, but we have our favorites. Yes, one normally doesn't think of flightless birds when contemplating a night out. Seen from afar, however, we imagine these flocks of black-and-white beauties would go with any cocktail dress and, close up, would be the perfect complement to a date gussied up in his formal penguin suit.
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