Marc Jacobs Takes The '50s Girl To The Circus, Then To The Sex Shop

Whether we're conscious of it or not, we look to Marc Jacobs as fashion's barometer, guiding general trends and sensibilities by his own whims, with an uncanny way of capturing the attention of both the fashion fanatics and the fashion-for-fun types. For this season, Jacobs rehashed some old silhouettes—namely, the structured, '50s knee-length skirt suit, the flared corset top, and the cropped trouser—and Bozo-fied them, splashing them with polka dots of all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. Though still prim in shape (and fairly conservative in look), Marc also mixed in sex-shop PVC, rubber sequins, vinyl berets, and super-sheer lace dresses that we're sure downtown ladies won't be able to exchange their ripped denim for fast enough. All-in-all, Marc found a way (again) to remain cool with the kids and respected among the old guard—a balancing act we're sure any Mad Man circus dominatrix would appreciate.
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