Beauty Diary: Our NY Editor Faces Down Her First-Ever Facial

I'm not one of those people who's weird about getting touched. I love getting chills and constantly beg people to play with my hair. But when it comes to my face, that's another story. Maybe that's why I've never gotten a facial before. That, and my skin has never been a problem for me. It's not perfect, but on my list of complaints and insecurities, my complexion doesn't really rank. So, I've put off getting a facial, afraid that if I messed with my face, all hell could break loose and suddenly my skin would come into consciousness as an issue. All of my fears were quelled, however when I went to the Mandarin Oriental Spa last night for my first-ever facial.
We're currently running Reserve deal on Amala products (which they happen to use at the spa), so I figured I'd check 'em out in action. I entered the treatment room nervous — I felt anxiety about having someone else's hands on my face, about what the products would do to my so-far-so-good skin, and about the fact that I might end up breaking out right before Memorial Day weekend.
But, the moment the first (of countless) oils were applied, I slipped into a relaxed state. And I stayed there for the next 80 minutes. There were heavy-handed strokes that I later found out were used to apply one of the richest (but not too heavy) moisturizers I've ever felt, little pitter-patter taps involving cleansers, and the grand finale, a yogurt mask that was applied to my arms, neck, and face. The Nature Radiant Facial also provided me the opportunity to use the "KC Machine" (a lift-and-tuck-and-hydrate situation which I was told vibrates at the speed of an earthquake) which, in conjunction with the Amala products, left my skin well... natural and radiant.
I'm most surprised by the immediate effects and how weightless and fresh my skin feels. It's not just clear but clean, like, really clean in a way that might actually prompt a follow up. Plus, I'm super happy there are no pre-Memorial Day weekend breakouts.
I think I might just be a facial convert.

Score some Amala products for a major discount on Reserve and get the full Nature Radiant Facial experience at the Mandarin Oriental Spa, 80 Columbus Circle (at 60th Street), 212-805-8880.

Photos: Courtesy of Amala