Maison Kitsune Fall 2011 Brings A Dose Of Autumn Spice To The Guys

Images (and scents) of apple cider, orange leaves, and autumn brew come to mind in the layered, masculine silhouettes of Maison Kitsuné's fall 2011 collection. Wearable gifts are aplenty among fall wardrobe staples like mahogany leather jackets, spotless blue jeans, knit cardigans, and blazers with over-sized pockets (seriously, you could fit your iPad in there!). Literally titled, “Brokeback Mountain,” the music-slash-fashion label’s latest has a scrubbed-up, cowboys-at-college feel with classic Americana silhouettes expertly interpreted by Kitsuné’s Japanese-French team. These looks, particularly the slim-cut, dark-green velvet blazer, would look as good at the office as they would on a hike. The accessories are just as rad, with a selection of striped scarves and socks, large woven satchels, and even an oversized throw-blanket. While your dude will like the simple-but-polished look that these pieces afford him, you can relish his rugged new likeness to Ennis Del Mar (but let’s hope he’s a little more emotionally available).

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