These V-Day Gifts For Home Cooks Are Equally Beautiful & Practical

You likely know a passionate baker, gracious host, or true foodie. The obvious choices when gift-giving for them are food-adjacent products. To make it feel special, however, it can be tempting to buy those oh-so-pretty novelty measuring cups or a set of quirky mugs. While these gifts have their place, if you're shopping for the truly serious chef, it can feel a bit like you're introducing clutter into a pro-quality kitchen. But more utilitarian gifts can just feel... blah. And, if you're not also an aspiring contestant on Bake Off, it can also be tricky to know which buys are worthy of the chef in your life and which are overpriced status pieces it's just as easy to skip. Which is why we love Made In. Its line of kitchen essentials perfectly balances design and function for gifts that are as practical as they are beautiful — and are reliably high-quality.
The kitchenware brand creates premium products that are restaurant-quality for the home cook. Made In cookware stands on the shoulders of a 100-year-old family-owned restaurant supply business. It also utilizes hundreds of years of wider-European traditions, techniques, and materials to create classic and durable cookware. Its timeless wares also will appeal to anyone who's lusted after a Le Creuset or heritage-quality stoneware and still feel gift-worthy, not like the kitchen equivalent of giving a loved one a vacuum.
This Valentine’s Day, whether you’re shopping for your partner, friends, parents, or yourself, make sure you look through Made In’s collection of best-selling kitchenware pieces and food gifts. You'll find professional-level knives as well as non-stick tools and an R29 writer-approved Dutch oven.
Give the gift of perfect pasta every single time with this 8-quart stock pot and pasta insert. The insert allows you to strain your pasta while saving the starchy water to add to the sauce. And what’s even better, this set includes premium macaroni, crushed tomatoes, and chili peppers to help create a spicy Pasta Arrabiata dish. It’s the perfect setup for a romantic Valentine's Day date night, and for many date nights to come.
This griddle duo is the ideal at-home version of a diner cooktop. The lightweight steel with removable Italian leather handle covers makes carrying it between the stove and grill easy as pie. It's wonderfully multi-functional for the father who’s perfecting his smash burger, the mother who loves whipping up weekend pancakes, and the friend who’s trying out different grilled cheese recipes.
The true home chef will no doubt appreciate this well-crafted four-piece knife set. The construction incorporates inspiration and materials from France, Spain, Germany, and Japan. An array of high-end knives will allow your Valentine to do all the chopping, dicing, and slicing that their heart desires. To make this gift extra sweet and well-rounded, you can add on Made In’s matching wooden knife block too.
Carefully crafted by a fifth-generation French bladesmith, this standalone knife was created to do it all. Its form helps make quick, precise cuts and prevents ingredients from sticking to the blade. It’s also ideal for prepping meat, fish, and vegetables. What really makes it a great gift is the option to engrave the blade for an additional fee. Go on and write a love note or inscribe your giftee’s name.
Make meal prep a breeze with this four-piece bowl set. Whether your Valentine is prepping herbs or serving up sauces, this set will have all their bases covered. With a no-chip guarantee, these England-made bowls promise durability and longevity, making for a thoughtful gift. The four different sizes allow each bowl to nest beautifully inside each other. But if you want to change it up, you can also choose to go with two sizes.
Any soup, sauce, or stew-loving home cook will gleefully receive this beautiful Dutch oven. It has the timeless appeal of Le Creuset or Staub, but at a much more friendly price point. It can also happily sit on your Valentine’s stove as a statement piece (and can stand out even more with a range of bold colors and customizable knobs).
Now, onto the wine connoisseurs. For these special people, yes, of course, you could opt for a bottle of wine. Or you could go for an entire (and affordable) crystal glass set to enjoy said wine in. Did you know there’s a difference between red wine and white wine glasses? Well now you do, and you can impress your Valentine with four of each, along with some drinking glasses to finish off this sleek set. The cherry on top is that while these pieces look fragile, they’re extremely durable and dishwasher-safe.
If an entire glass set seems a bit dramatic for your Valentine’s Day gifting needs, then opt for this equally sleek decanter. Something about a wine decanter just feels very grown up, very special, and very extra. Enhance your date-night wine-tasting experience with this crystal piece, which can fit an entire bottle of red. And if you want a good compromise, Made In also offers a decanter set with four wine glasses.
For the hostess with the most-ess, this unique porcelain tray will elevate any dinner party. The non-stick baking slab is the perfect vessel for a multitude of dishes. You can bake gooey brownies, birthday sheet cakes, fluffy focaccias, or crispy potatoes. And even sweeter, this beautiful piece designed by Chef Nancy Silverton can effortlessly go from the oven to the dinner table.
The home baker will similarly appreciate this baking dish, which puts a cutesy spin on an otherwise indistinct kitchen staple. Its polka dot design is perfect for the person in your life who likes to have fun in the kitchen. And with all of the same qualities as Made In’s baking slab, this square dish will upgrade their baking game, from brownies to cornbread and more.
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