15 Luxury Basics To Step Up Your Summer Sunday Style

When we think of our "Sunday Best," a flower-studded jumpsuit and a floppy-brimmed hat don't always come to mind. Because let's face it: It's common knowledge the average 9-5er's weekend wardrobe is usually jeans and a T-shirt. It's the only thing that sounds comfortable after five days of pantsuits and heels. Frankly, the idea of wearing anything on a summer Sunday that doesn't slip right on and off sounds utterly terrifying. But if you're the fashion obsessive who's looking for a little something more, what's the alternative?
Enter: luxury basics. The term has been thrown around for years now, but it requires a bit of thinking. The word "basic" doesn't exactly negate its predecessor, "luxury." Rather, it lets the wearer know that it's just as comfy as, say, a Hanes white tee, but made of the best quality fabric. Ahead are our picks for go-to summer Sunday style for when you want to feel a little fancy — but can't fathom putting on anything other than your trusty separates. Because while they may not be office-appropriate, they're pieces that will hold your closet together for years (and lazy days) to come.