5 Things To Know This AM — Dec 21 2010

If you're in the upper-income tax-bracket, or you just dont give a f about your credit card debt, then Racked's list of super luxe X-mas presents are totally up your alley. Now we wish they could be up ours...(Racked)
Don't know what to give your doorman this holiday season? The New York Times has it covered with this poll. (New York Times)
Manhattan, Dubai, Harlem! Magnolia Bakery is opening up their next store in Harlem, to be followed by an online store. Soon there will be no excuse to refrain from eating cupcakes. (New York Observer)
The FBI raided the home of a fashion blogger who stole images from Cond&eacute' Nast. He no longer has a subscription to Vogue. (Jezebel)
Let's party like it's...1905? Check out these archival shots of Mark Twain's b-day party. Balla! (Gothamist)

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