Feast Your Eyes On Lucy Folk’s Foodie Jewelry (Just Don’t Eat ‘Em)

Food and fashion aren’t always the best of buddies, though here at R29, they certainly are. And when someone’s able to seamlessly fuse our interests in edibles and fashion, we take note. Enter: Lucy Folk. The Australian jeweler literally casts baubles from our favorite snacks — why didn’t we think of this?! — and the results are simply divine.
Folk’s delicate, rice-grain stud earrings are surprisingly abstract and not overly kitschy. Her spice-influenced collection includes colorful bracelets and metal cloves, and even pasta gets the Folk treatment: Rigatoni decorates cuff links, and bow-tie noodles are strung on necklaces. We like Folk’s wares because even when they’re literal, they're still not overly obvious. Think of these pieces as a more lasting souvenir from a trip to the taqueria — and infinitely more pleasant than the threat of heartburn or food poisoning. (Frankie)

Photo: Courtesy of Lucy Folk

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