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What It Takes To Be A Major YouTuber: Tips From Anna Akana

Lucie Fink talks to YouTuber Anna Akana about what it takes to get more than one million followers on YouTube

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I've been on YouTube for just about two years now in my Refinery29 series "Try Living with Lucie." I've challenged myself to face my fears, perform on the streets of NYC, and practice radical self-care, all for five days in a row. And whenever I connect with aspiring YouTubers, I'm always asked: What are your tips for someone who's just starting out on the platform?
I figured, if people want to ask me that question (someone who's relatively new to YouTube), how much more effective would it be to hear from a YouTube veteran with millions of subscribers? So on a recent snowy day in New York City, Anna Akana came by Refinery29 to chat with me about the crazy world of YouTube.
The Refinery29 office was closed due to weather on the day of her visit, so I was concerned that she wouldn't make it. But (spoiler alert!) she found her way through the tundra and the day was a success.
Check out the video to hear the seven things Anna's learned from being on YouTube for 7 years. And don't forget to check out her new series, "Youth & Consequences" on YouTube Red now.
YouTube Influencer Anna Akana Shares Her Career AdviceReleased on March 26, 2018

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