Lucie For Hire
I Spent A Day As A Blogger —& It Was Harder Than It Looks

Blogger and influencer Courtney Quinn ( @colormecourtney) shows us how she creates her click worthy content and builds her empire.

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Although I’m occasionally lumped into the “blogger” category because of my Instagram following, I don’t actually have a blog.
I work for Refinery29 as a video producer and lifestyle host, whereas most bloggers work entirely for themselves. These days, more and more women are pursuing their dreams becoming self-employed, but in order to gain that freedom there's a ton of work involved — you must hustle ALL the time!
When my audience asked me to do an episode of “Lucie For Hire” as a blogger, I knew that I had to help dispel the myth that bloggers don’t actually do much work. I linked up with my good friend, Courtney Quinn (@ColorMeCourtney on Instagram), to learn her ways.
She showed me absolutely everything — from how she creates her picture-perfect photo and video content, to how she actively sells herself and rakes in over $300k a year. Courtney’s colorful life is more than selfies and cute clothes — she is the creative director, the talent, the writer, the stylist, the photographer, the editor, the negotiator and the manager.
From Courtney, I learned that being a blogger is a lifestyle that calls for endless self-motivation, authenticity, and all-nighters. The amount of money you can bring in and your personal career growth depend on the amount of time you spend perfecting your craft and hustling. Watch the video above to see how I did spending the day as a blogger.
Lucie Fink Learns How To Earn Over $300k BloggingReleased on July 27, 2018

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