Lucie For Hire
Watch Lucie Fink Get Hired As A Cranberry Farmer

Refinery29's very own Lucie Fink spends the day learning the ins and outs of a cranberry farm.

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Long before social media feeds, coffee menus, and graphic tees were exploding with pumpkin spice, cranberries held it down as fall's most notorious flavor. Even now, as the leaves start to change and we start fantasizing about pies and Thanksgiving sides, the tiny, tart fruit still holds an important place in our hearts. But have you ever stopped to think about how cranberries grow, let alone, what harvesting them actually looks like?
This week on Lucie For Hire, our host, Lucie Fink, visited the heart of cranberry country in Carver, Massachusetts and put her curiosity to the test. For one day, she took on the role of an Ocean Spray cranberry farmer, learning everything (yes, everything) there is to know about cranberries. Lucie then made the trip to Ocean Spray's headquarters in Lakeville, Massachusetts and got the rundown on the brand's latest release: Pink Lite Cranberry Juice Drink. Check out the video above to find out her thoughts about the newest autumn staple.
Lucie For Hire Cranberry Farmer For A Day EpisodeReleased on October 23, 2018

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