Never Suffer Through Cold Lube Again

Photographed by Megan Madden.
Imagine easing your body into freezing cold ocean water on a 70-degree day. Goosebumps sprout up on your skin. You do a full-body shiver. Brr... Well, that same feeling can occur when you apply inexplicably freezing cold lube down south. Refreshing, maybe. But not a turn on.
Luckily for those of us who like to keep our labias at room temperature at all times, there are fancy machines that will help keep your fun juice at a comfortable, arousing temp.
You may wonder: Why buy a machine, when you can just get a "warming lube" that heats up on contact with skin? (Or, as I like to call it, "spicy lube" — a la Bette Midler in The Politician, who raved, "You have got to try it!!") Many "warming lubes" create their "spicy" sensation through additives, such as compounds derived from red peppers, according to Laurie Mintz, PhD, author of Becoming Cliterate and "sexpert" for LELO. "These can cause discomfort, stinging, and irritation on delicate genital skin," she says.
That’s where lube warming machines might come in handy. Sure, you could warm your lube up the old fashioned way. “Just squeeze a small amount into the palm of your hand and rub together to generate some heat,” says Phoebe Buckley, a manager at K-Y Jelly. But then you're left with lube-y hands in the heat of the moment, which isn't always ideal.
You can buy lotion warmers normally used by masseuses, Mintz suggests. Or, "put the lube in a mug [of water] and put the mug on a coffee warmer," Mintz says. Or go higher tech, with one of these dispensers specifically designed to remove the nuisance of too-cold lube from your bedroom — heating up your lube and your sex life in one fell swoop.

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