5 Things To Know This AM — Oct 22 2010

Answering a call from a LES resident reporting smoke, the FDNY investigated—and discovered a pot-farm in the basement. It seems that a tree grows in Brooklyn, and marijuana grows in the Lower-East-Side. (Gothamist)

When you're one of the stars of
Jersey Shore
, it's never too early for some cleave. Case in point? J Woww, who's uber-elegant clothing line recently stopped production, was the picture of class on the CBS Early Show. Nothing like some boobage to start your morning right.
(Daily Mail)

We knew Olivia Palermo is famous, but didn't know that she was like mega famous. The City starlet was chased by tons of paps in the Meatpacking District, conveniently close to her old employer, DVF. Now that her MTV show is dunzo, we wonder what will keep up the public's interest. We suggest a clothing line! (Gawker)
Apparently Queens won't be the next Brooklyn. There's just not enough brownstones. (Observer)
Daphne Guinness may know a thing or two about shoes, but is pretty clueless when it comes to baths. Neighbors in her NYC apartment building have asked a judge to prevent her from bathing—the McQueen lover has flooded their apartment four times. Apparently, she runs a bath and then forgets about it. Probably too busy trying to walk. (The Cut)