LES Cheat Sheet: Where To Dine & Dance—& What To Wear!

By now, you know NYC is a city made up of diverse neighborhoods, each with its own special flair — the UES has the best museums in town, Park Slope is perfect for the stroller set, and the West Village is all about the boutiques. The Lower East Side? In our minds, this happening 'hood is the go-to spot for an all-night rager. From the hottest restos in town to grungy, dirty, and just plain awesome rock clubs to stunning rooftops, the LES packs a powerful (often spiked) punch.
Square footage-wise, it might not be huge, but navigating this after-hours-friendly nabe can be oh-so-tricky. That's why we're giving you a (stiletto-shod) leg up with a yours-truly cheat sheet to our five favorite LES joints. Plus, we've made things extra easy and picked out the best outfits to wow the crowd at each and every establishment — so, all you have to do is round up your BFFs. Peep our handy map for your instant weekend plans, and don't forget to start hydrating now.