Lovers Descend on NYC, Avoid Choking at Spotted Pig

loverinnyc_portrait1Susien Chong and Nic Briand kind of make us sick…in a good way. They're consummate designers—together they craft the Aussie line Lover that we pretty much wear all summer long—they're both gorgeous, AND they're a couple. Some people just get hit with the lucky stick. We grabbed some mint lemonade with these two during their recent spin through NYC. Will the pair be heading our way again in September for Fashion Week? We sure hope so…but so far, mum's the word.
What brings you to NYC?
Nic: "We come over once or twice a year to say hello and keep in touch with press and stockists who are supporting Lover and to plug in to the energy and culture. I know NYC locals get bored with the city, but for us it's a special place. Both of us have been heavily influenced by so many events, sub-cultures, and people that have been born out of the city. It means a lot to us, to just be able to get down on to the street and soak all that up.
We hear you've been eating out a lot. Any highlights worth sharing?
Nic: "We've been out to a different restaurant every night. It's brilliant! In Sydney we have a rotation of about four places, and they all shut at 10 p.m. We went to Omen on Thompson Street, which was pure Japanese class. And I got a little nervous at The Spotted Pig, because I have never seen a choking hazard poster so prominently displayed on the walls!"
All our guy friends are always asking about Lover menswear. Any chance you'll ever do Lover for dudes?
Susien: "We always have guys asking us that. It's strange don't you think? I mean what part of a lace blouse or denim high-waisted shorts, is appealing to a guy? It's always a challenge coming up with collections for women, we don't want to throw men into the mix."
You're headed to Paris next and for the first time…what are you looking forward to most?
Nic: "We're looking forward to just watching people and walking the streets. Little cultural differences and nuances. We love noticing how a certain style or item of clothing will be worn a different way. And slowly you begin to see everyone doing it. We want to overhear conversations. Although we won't understand a word of it."

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