Love Parade

From $100 up, 20 rings for saying I Do or I Promise in style. By Christene Barberich & Piera Gelardi
It's a new year, a new administration, a new season of Big Love on doubt about it--Love is in the air. And last year, when we reported on some of our favorite "promise" rings of the moment, many of you readers went bananas. We had no idea so many of you were having such a hard time finding rings that were exceptionally special but wouldn't put you in the poor-house.
Hence, we decided to return with an even bigger and better Commitment Ring edition. Here, we've gathered not one but six categories of shiny, happy bands--rings that range from Vintage, estate, and hand-me-down-inspired to a group we call the All-in-One (equal parts engagement and wedding band), as well as our personal fave, The Starter Ring, which won't set you back more than $500 (approximately 125 Starbucks lattés if you want to start saving). With our roundup of options, you and your betrothed should be dazzled by the options whether you're saying I Do, I Promise, or simply I Love You--truly, madly, deeply.
The Starter Ring--The perfect ring doesn't have to cost a fortune. Period. We feel so strongly about these less expensive rings, we considered doing an entire story devoted to them. Think of it, if more of you knew that so many gorgeous timeless quality rings existed for less than $500, wouldn't more of you be taking the plunge? Call it a Starter Ring, a Promise Ring, whatever you like, these styles are simple, elegant, and beautifully meaningful. All we can say is: Yes!
BYLU Jewelry
Our pick (above, left): Rose Gold and Diamond Ring, $460, available at Steven Alan, or go to
Erica Weiner
Our pick (above, middle): Herkimer Solitaire Ring, $100, available at Bona Drag, or go to
Our pick (above, right):10K Gold Stardust Cluster Ring, $193.50, available at Auto.
The Iconoclast--You know who you are. You always have to be different. And there's nothing wrong with that (we can sympathize). For you impassioned rebels out there, these less predictable options from Alex & Chloe, Mimi So, and Moritz Glik are worth a whirl.
Mimi So
Our pick (above, left): 18K Gold and Pave Diamond Ludlow "Rock" Ring (available in white or yellow gold, from $1,470, available at Mimi So New York Boutique, 580 Fifth Avenue, 212-300-8620. Custom work also available.
Alex & Chloe
Our pick (above, middle): Oxidized Silver and Diamond Goujon Triple Ring, $980, available at Alex & Chloe, or check their most recent wedding rings here.
Moritz Glik
Our pick (bottom, right): 18K White Gold, Diamond, and White Sapphire R307 Ring, $3,300, available at Auto, or go to Custom work also available.
Melissa Joy Manning
Our pick (not pictured): 18K Gold Raw Diamond Chunk Ring, $560, available at Melissa Joy Manning.
The Ethical Ring--We're like you: We want to know where our stuff is coming from, and who's had a hand in making it. That's why we've sourced some promise ring styles that use lo-impact and ethical practices as well as recycled materials. Remember green can definitely be glamorous--and these rings by Monique Pean, Bario-Neal, and Farrah Dragon prove it.
Bario-Neal, Hand-crafted in Philadelphia using reclaimed metals, ethically sourced stones, and low-impact practices.
Our pick (above, left): Diamond Bezel Ring, $320, available via email order or go to Custom work also available.
Farrah Dragon, Eco-concious, 100% recycled metals, and lab-grown gemsttones.
Our pick (above, middle): 18K Gold Artifact Ring, $660, available at Auto or go to
Monique Péan, Eco-friendly, sustainable, recycled, and conflict-free materials.
Our pick (above, right): The 18K Gold Bering Rings (available in rose, yellow, and white gold), $700 the carved ring, $2,700 the diamond ring, and $550 the solid ring, all available at Kirna Zabête, 212 941-9656?, or go to
All-In-One--The gold band paired with the engagement ring is très traditional. Occasionally though, just one perfect ring can speak volumes all by itself. We created this category simply because we found a handful of rings that had singular impact and gave the impression of a sort of combined engagement-wedding feel. For the minimalist who isn't looking for plain, any of these options could be ideal.
Zoe Chicco
Our pick (above, left): Pave Diamond Overlap Ring (available in 14K white, rose, and yellow gold), $1,638, available at Zoe Chicco.
Karen Karch
Our pick (above, middle): 18K White Gold Double Vine Ring, $1,300, available at Karen Karch. Custom work also available.
Made Her Think
Our pick (above, right): Rose Gold Double Band Chain Ring, $1,330, available at Made Her Think. Custom work also available.
Custom--When you want it like you want it, custom is the only way to go. Maybe you have a diamond passed down from Nana Rose, maybe you want the exact band you spotted on Nicole Kidman's finger in Moulin Rouge. Either way, any of these jewelers and designers will be happy to counsel you in creating the perfect piece.
Gara Danielle
Our pick (above, left): 14K Gold Hand-Cut Monogram Ring (available in white, yellow, and rose gold, up to 5 initials), $1,150, available at Gara Danielle.
Hannah Clark, Will work with your stones, artifacts, and ideas
Our pick (above, middle): Ruby Crown Ring (the bride loved the color red and crowns and the groom was Irish and wanted a nod to the claddagh. Custom orders from $500, available by appointment, call 212-539-1970, or go to
Camille Hempel, Range of custom options
Our pick (above, right): Fingerprint Bands, from $1,200, call 718-387-5076, or go to
Vintage--Some people really love a ring that looks like it's had a better and longer love life than themselves. If vintage or estate is your thing, you can do no better than Doyle & Doyle, who specialize in superb specimens like these. Erie Basin and Isadora's also have some sparkling old-world options with plenty of life still to spare.
Erie Basin
Our pick (above, left): 1820s Georgian Diamond and Sapphire Ring, $1,550, available at Erie Basin.
Doyle & Doyle
Our pick (above, middle): 18K Gold Three Diamond Filigree Dinner Ring, $1,200, available at Doyle & Doyle.
Our pick (above, right): Diamond and Sapphire Circa 1870 Antique Victorian Ring, $2,700, available at Isadora's.
Affordable Vintage Jewelry
Our pick (not pictured): 14K Gold and Diamond Vintage 1940s Engagement Ring, $275, available at Affordable Vintage Jewelry.
From $100 up, 20 rings for saying I Do or I Promise in style.

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