The next person who asks us what we're doing for Valentine's Day is going to get the back of our ring-encrusted hand. Kidding aside, while the office here is pretty split between singletons and coupledom, we all know how hard it can be to meet the guy or gal of your dreams. Nowhere is the quest for honest-to-goodness crushing more difficult than in NYC—sometimes it seems having more options has a converse affect on waking up next to a warm body in the morning. This February 14, don't opt out on finding love; We've assembled a cheat-sheet on 7 virtually fool-proof ways to get seriously nailed with Cupid's arrow. From professionally Feng Shui-ing your bedroom to welcome love to a coffee-shop that's primed for scoping, true love awaits! Your future soul-mate can thank us later.

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Coffee Connection

Manhattanites and BK-dwellers both can lounge and sip cappucinos in the laid-back East Williamsburg cafe Little Skips (above). Dogs on a walk, East Village refugees, and a handful of biker cuties make their home in this coffee house, where striking up a Macbook vs. Macbook Pro conversation is as easy as slurping down the tasty Bomb Latte.

Little Skips Coffee Bar, 941 Willoughby Avenue (at Myrtle Avenue); 718-484-0980.

Online Dating
Sure, has those touching commercials. Dr. Phil likes E-Harmony. As for us, OkCupid is our suitor site of choice. With a sh*t ton of NYC singles, an assortment of different types (yes, there are Emo rockers and stockbrokers), and, umm, the FREE component, we're not surprised when our best girl told us she went on 5 "cupid" dates in one night.
Join free here.
Movie Romance
There's nothing like a good Rom Com for a hit of "it can happen to me" mentality. Well, make life imitate art—the Sunday free Liberty Hall movie screenings at the Ace Hotel (above) have their fare share of leading men (and ladies), especially of the art-house variety. Even if you're not into the independent and under-the-radar flicks, we think the audience (and a couple glasses of their Moscow Mule special) will have you pretending you are.
Complete schedule and details here, Sundays 7 p.m. Ace Hotel, 20 West 29th Street (between 5th Avenue and Broadway); 212-679-2222.
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Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me A Match

We sure love Millionaire Matchmaker, but we're not about to let Patti Stanger choose our next partner. Enter Lisa Ronis, a matchmaker-cum-lifecoach who's known for her listening skills and fundraising events for singles. Her clients include an impression roster of fashion folk, and even though she might not be your age, she's been at the top of this industry for, like, ever. Bonus points are due for her dating tips and services on her site!
Details available here. Contact: 212-254-8753,

Hard As A Rock
Rock hard has never sounded so good thanks to Brooklyn Boulders (above). We admit it's not your typical spot to snag a date, but sometimes it pays to be different. Billed as NYC's largest climbing-gym, this 18,000 square foot adventureland is packed with nice shoulders. Excuse the awful pun, but maybe you'll "fall" in love (or right into the hot instructor's arms)...
Brooklyn Boulders, 575 Degraw Street (between 3rd and 4th avenues); 347-834-9066.
Good Vibrations
Sometimes it's not you, it's your energy. If your bedroom has been letting you down, we suggest blaming it on the space. To make sure you're getting the most out of your apartment, give a jingle to Reiko Gomez, who's mastered the art of Feng Shui for yur pad. Gomez, a Parsons' grad, doesn't practice the trendy, Western type of Feng Shui, instead sticking to the classic model (think mathematical combinations) that's guaranteed to turn up the romantic vibrations.
Reiko Feng Shi Interior Design, 212-598-9396.
Class Crush
Don't worry, we're not telling you to go back to school (although we love us a good MBA student), but enrolling in a class or two might not be too bad for your romance resume. We have a heart-on for 3rd Ward (above), an "incubator for innovation" in Brooklyn that offers everything from lost wax casting lessons to a flash fiction workshop and literally almost anything in between (window farming anyone?). And even if you don't get someone's digits, at least you'll learn something.
3rd Ward, 195 Morgan Avenue (between Stagg and Meadow streets); Brooklyn; 718-715-4961.
Singles Scene
Let's celebrate the fact that LES institution Max Fish isn't closing because honestly, we can't tell you how many new addresses we've added into our cell phones downing a shot at the bar. While the crowd runs more to grown-up skater boys than Deutsche Bank-ers, sometimes that's a good thing.
Max Fish, 178 Ludlow Street (between Stanton and East Houston streets); 212-529-3959.