Is The Future Of Luxury Fashion One Without Labels? Marc Jacobs Thinks So

The overlapped LV logo was once — and still is — a symbol of luxury. Like the interlocking Cs or entwined Gs, these small icons have typically been indicators of a brand name you'd be proud to tote around. But it seems as though the future of luxury is one that may not need the obvious, in-your-face symbolism. Leaders such as Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton, as well as the entire parent company of LVMH, are beginning to pull back on the use of these logos, as Business of Fashion reports, and as indicated also by the complete lack of LVs on the Paris Fashion Week runway.
As our definition and perception of what luxury means begins to shift, BoF suggests something we have suspected all along: Luxury fashion is not just a status symbol or elite idea, it's something that's made well, timeless, and feels special and exciting each time we wear it. It's the brands that have made a reputation for themselves over the years and that consistently deliver innovative products. What BoF calls "logo fatigue" signifies the decrease in popularity of logos, something that's not an entirely new idea, they suggest, citing a message from PPR's François-Henri Pinault from WWD in 2010, which states that the company was "moving toward fewer logos, more discreet luxury."
While it's true that we don't need a publicly visible symbol to let us know that our (or anyone else's) clothes are high-end, is this shift for a logo-less future right on the mark or will we miss the LVs in the end? Read the rest of the report on BoF and weigh in below. (Business of Fashion)
Photo: Via Business of Fashion

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