This Bonkers Sale Lets You Steal People’s Luggage

We love posting sales on Refinery29, but sometimes we get a break and are treated to a sale, a news story, and a giant heap of WTF all in one. For those readers who get a little envious at the rash of "buy peoples' forgotten stuff" shows (looking at you,
Storage Wars
), Miami Internation Airport is hosting its very own auction of discarded baggage this weekend. Starting tomorrow, those missing out on worn clothing, strollers, or a meat slicer (?!?) can head on down to the airport and bid on goods. Objects, jewelry, cell phones, and tech equipment left behind at security can be rummaged through, but the real steals are apparently the unopened suitcases. Auctioneer Paul May says that one year a lucky buyer even found a whole heap of British pounds. (While he didn't confirm this, we are guessing fun add-ons like dirty personal objects and bed bugs are included, gratis!)

So hit up the ATM (this thing is cash only) and head on down at 9:30 a.m. to preview the remnants of ruined vacations and horrible, mid-vacation break-ups, then take home someone else's memories for yourself. Hey, did you think they were just going to keep your sad, discarded luggage there forever? (CBS Miami)

Image: Via Daily Mail

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