6 Tips To Ensure Your Stuff Will Never End Up On This Lost Luggage TV Show

For most people who've arrived at the airport to discover that their suitcases haven't, the worst that happens usually involves waiting around for your bag to be mailed to your doorstep after a day or two. For the spectacularly unlucky, that suitcase ends up in the black hole of the airline system. When the owners of the suitcases can't be located, they're put up for an auction where high-stakes dealers bid for the contents of the bag, without ever getting to see what's inside until after they win. The whole process is documented in the new show Baggage Battles that follows teams of bidders as they win big (real Rolexes) and win big in other ways (a whole suitcase full of oatmeal cookies!). Stylelist put together a list of tips that'll help decrease the chances your bag will be lost, and then ensure that, even if it does, it'll eventually make it back to you. (Stylelist)
Photo: Via Stylelist

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