We Put These Long-Wear Products To The Test At Our Holiday Dance Party

We take most long-wear claims with the proverbial grain of salt. Not many of them can last through five hours of sitting at a desk — let alone eight hours of dancing and sweating. But we're always open to being proven wrong. So when a fresh batch of products rolled up to our desks about the same time as our holiday party invitations landed in our inboxes, we were struck with an idea. Why not test out these products there and see if they held up?
We tapped four R29-ers and asked them to incorporate one product into their look for the evening. Then we checked in with them every hour for a photograph to see how the pigments were lasting — and how their buzzes were progressing.
If you've ever worried about how your makeup will look when you're five drinks deep, then click on to see our brave and tipsy volunteers show off how the products stood up in the tropics. (Fine, it was in Brooklyn, but there were leis and umbrella toothpicks aplenty at the party.)

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