Budge-Proof Lipsticks That'll Have You Puckering Up

You might call us lipstick obsessed here at Refinery29. On any given day, each of us on the beauty team is wearing a different color — and reapplying it over and over again. It's the bane of any lip-color lover's existence: the constant reapplication of our favorite shades. But, budge-proof lipsticks do exist. You just have to know where to look.
So, in honor of National Lipstick Day (which is a real thing), we rounded up our go-to stay-all-day lip hues. These are the guys you want to reach for when you're sick of the teeth smear, the chin blotches, and the outer-mouth-rim that typical lipsticks leave you with. We've tested these tubes through multiple meals and multiple pints, and they've stood the test of time. Click ahead for the vivid shades that will never leave your lips. Well, at least not until you want them to.
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Megan McIntyre, beauty director
"If there's a brand that knows a thing or two about stay-put makeup, it's Urban Decay. Its 24/7 Liners changed my eyeliner game, so I was delighted to discover its relatively new Revolution lipsticks were just as fade-defying. I like to use my finger to apply the lipstick and press it into my lips — this gives me a stain effect that pairs quite nicely with some delicately smudged liner for a chic, yet lived-in look. I'm almost crazed with excitement to get the Pulp Fiction-inspired Mrs. Mia Wallace from the new fall collection on my lips."
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"I hesitate to support liquid lipsticks because I have had a legit hard time finding one worth loving. The majority just don't really dry on your lips and wind up feathering, smearing, or catching a wayward piece of hair that drags the color all over your face. But, then I met this one by Armani: Not only does it actually dry, but it dries to a gorgeous, velvety finish with some of the richest color I've seen. And, it absolutely will. Not. Move. Multiple cups of coffee and an embarrassingly large and messy prosciutto, arugula, and mozzarella panini could not make this beauty budge from my pout. It was love at first swipe after that, and the stunning orange 401 has been a regular in my lip rotation ever since."
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Gabrielle Korn, beauty editor
"This liquid lipstick gives Sephora's famous cream lip stain a run for its money. It's a lot like paint in the way it dries and then lasts forever. It's completely nontransferable, so this is a great one to eat (and kiss) in. If you're looking for a super-matte finish and a bright color, this is the product you need."

Coloured Raine Matte Lip Paint, $16, available at Coloured Raine.
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"BITE's Luminous Crème Lipstick is the kind of holy-grail beauty product I used to only dream about finding. It's incredibly moisturizing but lasts pretty much all day. It definitely transfers onto other surfaces that touch your lips, but it never really comes off entirely until you take it off. I have at least three in my bag at any given moment. The finish — like the name suggests — is luminous, which is rare for a long-lasting lip situation. "
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Maria Del Russo, beauty writer
"Aqua Rouge is notorious for staying put all day. It's my go-to for long nights out, multiple-course dinners, and Fashion Week — any situation where I want to swipe my lip hue on and forget about it. But, that does come with a catch. It can be stubborn when coming off, which is why I rely on my cleansing oil to totally dissolve it."
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"Every shade in Lipstick Queen's Velvet Rope collection shares an interesting trait: They don't wear like typical lipsticks. They almost feel like a lip balm, which is why I half expected this hue to wind up on my teeth and wine glass during a night out with my friends. But, the color sticks for hours, and when it does decide to finally wear down, it slowly fades into a stain-like shade. Who said dark lipsticks were high-maintenance?"

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Taylor Bryant, beauty production assistant
"Nothing's worse than looking in the mirror halfway through a night out and realizing the lipstick you applied earlier has now rubbed off on the rim of the two (or three or four) drinks you just downed. This has happened to me more times than I'd like to admit. And, one of the only lipsticks I've come across that's allowed me to not feel like I have to whip out my compact every hour is MAC's Pro Longwear Lipcreme. On top of staying put throughout the night, it's also lightweight and moisturizing. So, not only do I sometimes forget I'm even wearing lipstick, but it also doesn't leave me with dry, chapped lips."
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"Another trusted, long-lasting lipstick I can count on is NARS Velvet Matte Lipstick. The pencil allows for easy application, and even though it has a matte creamy finish (it's enriched with vitamin E!), I can rely on it to not move while wearing it throughout the day and night."
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Farah Prince, beauty intern
"I'm not a huge fan of lipstick because, more often than not, they end up drying out my lips. I recently brought this lip cream at a drugstore and fell in love. The color is perfect for every day, the formula is incredibly moisturizing, and I can wear it for hours without having to reapply. "
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"When I want a bold lip, I reach for this Sonia Kashuk lipstick. I always get compliments when I have this on because the color is just so vivid. I love wearing this when I'm going out at night because it glides on smooth like a lip balm and stays put, even after I eat countless $1 pizza slices."
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