What Your Logo Tee Says About You

In addition to being cute, logo tees have been important tools for self-expression for as long as we can remember. In what other way can you instantly tell onlookers about fun runs you've attended, your favorite hobbies, and that Zeppelin rules?
But, those slogans have come a long way since the days of the simple band tee; they're now capable of conveying a wide range of emotions and can tell you a lot about their wearers if you know how to read 'em right. So, up ahead, we rounded up our 18 favorite logo tees, breaking down what each says about the person sporting it. Looking to communicate your newly single status, love of puerile jokes, or that you just wanna be left alone at the bar? Click on to find out which one suits you to a T.
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If you date her and you break up and then you call her crazy, let's all agree you really have only yourself to blame.
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Have you seen my rose quartz? I need to charge it in my amethyst cluster under the full moon tonight.
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Miley-buns aside, she is literally the most normal person you've ever met.
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This is about soccer...right?
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Why snap out of your k-hole when this tee takes care of the small talk for you?
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I enjoy being seductive and stating the obvious.
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Is it because you're frequently drunk and/or nude? Because, let's be honest, it's probably one of those two things.
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So, are you the world's biggest Steve Johnson fan or Larry Hughes fan, or did you just get Jordan's number twisted?
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You have seen The Notebook 28 times.
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Hey, have you spotted my gratitude journal? I just saw a sunset that made me want to live again.
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The eye-roll-inducing humblebrag, now in T-shirt form!
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You are a tenderhearted, hard-headed, homebody ruled by the moon and born between June 22 and July 22. Or, you just read this sideways and guffawed.
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Slogan tees are for the things you really want to remember, like marathons, your favorite band's concert, and the tragic and deadly East Coast-West Coast feud.
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I have recently been dumped. And, it'll be a heady few weeks, what with all the clubbing in my "Boys Suck" T-shirt and "Ain't No Wifey" beanie. But, I'll be back in a relationship in four weeks, max, and ignoring my girlfriends' phone calls.
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You are either an extremely advanced ironist, a Redditor, or you do not know what words mean.
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Actually, you were a barely sentient toddler for most of the '90s — but you have seen a lot of Tumblr and Jeremy Scott collections.
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The defensively self-help-y shirt. Well, if nothing else, it should get people to leave you alone when you're just trying to drink alone at the bar.
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I call this the "fair warning" tee. Remember what Maya Angelou said about people telling you who they are? (See also.)

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